Interesting Times as BNB Token Listed on BQT Exchange Jul 22, 2019 Despite Recent Losses, BNB Still a Solid Investment Jul 22, 2019 Despite the recent price drop, Binance Coin is not going anywhere. Instead, it is a great time to invest in the Binance native token, today. Here’s why. BNB Token Now Listed on BQT Exchange Jul 19, 2019 A new exchange flood is mitigating cryptocurrency centralization Jul 18, 2019 According to CZ Zhao, founder, and CEO at Binance, the decentralization issue is based more on a sliding scale than black and white reality. While industry leaders argue for divestment, they continue to pursue monopolies on their cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinAll will list BQTX token, Scaling Trade Contest to be launched Jul 18, 2019 Do We Really Need So Many Crypto Exchanges? Yes, and Here’s Why Jul 18, 2019 Over the last couple of years, the crypto exchange market has exploded at a rate seemingly unrelated to the value of the cryptocurrency markets. At this time, CoinMarketCap alone lists over 250 different trading platforms; however, there are probably hundreds more. What Are 2019’s New Exchanges Bringing to the Market? Jul 16, 2019 Despite the market for crypto exchanges being busier than ever, 2019 has seen a fresh glut of new trading platforms launch their services, with a few more also in the pipeline. In the Face of Libra, Why Decentralization Matters More Than Ever Jul 15, 2019 Crypto exchange hacking: the perfect crime and the industry’s response Jul 15, 2019 All News

QNFT — P2P DeFi NFT Marketplace and Exchange Application

Unique and Revolutionary NFT Marketplace Application. Allowing NFT Collectors to Mint, Trade, Market and Exchange their NFT assets with other Collectors.


QNFT has joined a historic Space Mission with Space Blue, the curator and manager of the first mission to take 222 highly curated art projects to the moon.


The Mission (Lunaprise) is perhaps one of the most important space missions since the Apollo space program landed the first man to land on the moon. The museum being established in space, will be the «The World’s First Crowd Sourced Time Capsule» that carries more than 222 selected artists, and 77,000 artifacts that will make art and NFT history when their art lands on the Moon on a Space X Falcon 9-powered mission. The mission launches in Q3, 2023, and will be the first mission to land on the moon for NASA and the USA since 1972.

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