Edward W. Mandel
Sep 23, 2018

No monumental insights this week, but I just thought you should know: We’re moving forward with building the BQT peer-to-peer hedge exchange and it couldn’t be easier to register for the beta.

All you have to do is click here. The next steps are ours.

You’ll be notified immediately with an email.

That’s all there is to it for now. It’ll take 30 seconds and be one less thing for both of us to think about, so please take that half minute now.

BQT Hedge process is described on this interactive video — https://vimeo.com/280874044

Why whitelisting is important

After all this roadshow work in support of the BQTX ICO, it’s nice to not have to talk about funding today. Please let me have this moment.

(Pause for effect.)

Ah. That’s better.

Whitelisting gets us back to our knitting. Remember that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology it’s predicated on were originally about security, not lucre. The lucre is nice, but not if someone can steal it out from under you.

It’s the practice of identifying persons who are to be provided access or some other privilege. In this case, we’re whitelisting access to the exchange. This is a security measure. We need to keep bad actors out so that our participants can be assured that their funds are safe from theft and their systems are walled off from malware attack.

At the same time, it gives BQT a way of following up with potential token purchasers in advance of the ICO. (Well, that moment was way too short!) We can then keep you apprised of whatever KYC, AML, ATF, tax liability or other regulatory concerns come up.

To boost leverage and value of BQTX tokens, the Company has decided to limit BQTX Allocated tokens for ICO and burn unsold tokens.

In addition, as we are negotiating MOUs with several exchanges we will be launching a quarterly buy-back program upon listing and company will use 30% of its exchange fees to quarterly acquire BQTX tokens from listed exchanges and burn those re-purchased tokens.

So please take a few seconds now and register for the beta. It helps us help you.

Edward is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Blockchain Enthusiast and visionary behind many successful organizations. An avid entrepreneur, Edward has a knack for designing distinctive business models complemented with superior technology to deliver unparalleled service and profitability. Edward also has been advising and consulting for various successful Blockchain technology and ICO projects and recently launched his own BQT. io P2P exchange helping traders connect with each other to leverage their crypto assets.

BQT has been in development since March 2017 and its ICO launched September 18. The information can be found online at BQT. io and on Twitter as @bqt_ico.