Jul 15, 2019

Binance is the world leader in Crypto, founded in Asia by an Asian who goes by the name “CZ” — there is no dispute that Binance is #1. As they expand they are looking to develop niche markets and partner with others who can help them achieve their goals. Binance clearly is a leader, but they have spots where there is room for improvement, as we all know. So here again Binance looks for partners who have already done it, and incorporates it into their system. Most recently, Binance launched their own margin trading platform:

Top crypto exchange Binance has launched its margin trading platform, an official blog post published today, July 11, reveals. Binance’s move to expand trading possibilities to meet the full scope of institutional and retail traders’ needs had already been indicated by exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao this May — the same month the exchange had suffered a major hack incurring $41 million in losses.

This is where the market is going, but there’s a lot more to trading than margin trading as we all know. Trading requires a solid methodology, education and training, good execution; and security.

Anyone who traded stocks during the 90’s or early 2000’s can attest to the fact that trading is easier when you are part of a group. This is the idea basically of social trading — not necessarily you are following all the trades of your peers, but it gives you an idea of market direction and sentiment. Also it can act as a confirmation of your own ideas. Trading as part of a group or team has many added benefits, mostly psychological. Trading is not a team sport, but working as a team always helps the individual.

So the question boils down to: what do we all want from trading? We want a market that’s better, quick, and transparent — that’s what BQT is. Traders have been waiting patiently for the Crypto ecosystem to evolve to the point where you can trade just like Forex or Stocks.

But BQT is more than an exchange, they also have peer to peer trading, social media for traders, education and more. Their team has good bench strength, coming from leading firms that are already established.

But what is perhaps most unique about BQT is their ability to trade the BNB token. The owner of Binance even gave a shout out to BQT saying thanks.

And they do a lot of other useful things such as escrow and even have their own wallet.

The future is uncertain for Crypto — but one thing is for sure. Trading Crypto is going to be a lot more interesting with offerings like this coming down the pike.

We read about this two years ago in the book Splitting Bits — that Crypto markets would evolve to eventually look like FX. Crypto is, after all, Over the Counter (OTC) just like many debt markets, Foreign Exchange (FX) and some stocks. There isn’t a single exchange for Crypto so that makes each venue even more unique.

Some traders fear OTC because it’s considered ‘dark markets’ so exchanges need to comfort traders as much as possible, especially considering the recent hack of the Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX.

Some of them, like BQT, are taking this a step further and offering up the kitchen sink to traders looking for more than just an execution venue.

Crypto remains an interesting asset class, with a growing number of bells and whistles for day traders to capture. As always, Global Intel Hub is going to be monitoring this trend. Stay tuned.