Do We Really Need So Many Crypto Exchanges? Yes, and Here’s Why Jul 18, 2019 Over the last couple of years, the crypto exchange market has exploded at a rate seemingly unrelated to the value of the cryptocurrency markets. At this time, CoinMarketCap alone lists over 250 different trading platforms; however, there are probably hundreds more. What Are 2019’s New Exchanges Bringing to the Market? Jul 16, 2019 Despite the market for crypto exchanges being busier than ever, 2019 has seen a fresh glut of new trading platforms launch their services, with a few more also in the pipeline. Crypto trading ecosystem expanding rapidly Jul 15, 2019 Binance is the world leader in Crypto, founded in Asia by an Asian who goes by the name “CZ” — there is no dispute that Binance is #1. As they expand they are looking to develop niche markets and partner with others who can help them achieve their goals. There Are Now More Ways Than Ever to Invest in Crypto Jul 10, 2019 Bitcoin’s recent price boom has spiked interest in crypto, hailing a new wave of adoption that creates a kind of snowball effect. The current bull run likely stems, at least in part, from the news that big tech firms are increasingly moving towards crypto. Decentralization: A strategy, not a religion Mar 4, 2019 Do dexes drive adoption? Don’t doubt Mar 4, 2019 At BQT, we read Bitcoin Market Journal and so are keenly aware of that there are only 22 million bitcoin wallets globally. As author Alex Lielacher points out, that means there are far fewer than that many actual users.