‘Blockchain Island’ Malta takes the lead in sensible crypto regulation Dec 30, 2018 SEC to crypto exchanges: “Don’t ever let me [wink] catch you [wink] trading securities again!” Dec 19, 2018 What does Brexit mean to crypto? Dec 19, 2018 Europe is, of course, a broad and diverse market with a patchwork of national sovereignties, each with its own approach to regulating cryptocurrencies and the exchanges on which they trade. Featured Article on BQT.IO on CoinShark — Top 3 Crypto Project Oct 31, 2018 ‘When Binance?’ How about, ‘Why Binance?’ Oct 29, 2018 The BQT.IO team is working around the clock, around the globe, to create the best decentralized cryptocurrency exchange you could hope for: with an ideal mix of crypto and fiat pairs, true peer-to-peer capability, easy-to-use tools... Bulls make money. So do bears. What about 0x? Oct 29, 2018 Growing pairs: Exchanges expand their offerings Oct 18, 2018 When countries ban exchanges Oct 8, 2018 Google vs. crypto: And the winner is... Oct 2, 2018 Google declared this past week that it would relax its absolute prohibition on crypto-asset advertising in the U. S. and Japan. Although much of the ban remains in place, Google will now deign to take the money of “regulated cryptocurrency exchanges”. BQT.IO on Roadshow and Cruising into the sun Sep 24, 2018