Your friendly, neighborhood crypto exchange? Oct 29, 2018 As noted here a couple weeks ago, some cryptocurrency exchanges fly a flag of convenience, like a cruise ship might imply to be home-ported in Panama or Liberia. Other exchanges, like Yobit, fly no flag at all, like some privateer brigantine freebooting across the Spanish Main. Bulls make money. So do bears. What about 0x? Oct 29, 2018 Growing pairs: Exchanges expand their offerings Oct 18, 2018 When countries ban exchanges Oct 8, 2018 Google vs. crypto: And the winner is... Oct 2, 2018 Google declared this past week that it would relax its absolute prohibition on crypto-asset advertising in the U. S. and Japan. Although much of the ban remains in place, Google will now deign to take the money of “regulated cryptocurrency exchanges”. BQT.IO on Roadshow and Cruising into the sun Sep 24, 2018 Time to get whitelisted for BQT exchange Sep 23, 2018 No monumental insights this week, but I just thought you should know: We’re moving forward with building the BQT peer-to-peer hedge exchange and it couldn’t be easier to register for the beta. Explosive expansions of new Exchanges Sep 17, 2018 We launched BQT P2P Hedge Exchange to give traders an edge and freedom to leverage their crypto currency. BQT. io released its Whitelisting Beta today and launched an ICO after successful PRE-ICO campaign. Are All Crypto Exchanges Pretty Much The Same? Sep 14, 2018 Crypto Assets and Short-Term Hedge Trades Sep 5, 2018 As many blockchain experts are trying to find additional ways to marry crypto with FIAT, our BQTTM team believes in reducing the dependency on FIAT altogether. Every crypto asset has its own unique value and can be used as a negotiating tool to acquire another crypto asset.