Decentralization: A strategy, not a religion Mar 4, 2019 Talking shop about swaps Mar 4, 2019 Do dexes drive adoption? Don’t doubt Mar 4, 2019 At BQT, we read Bitcoin Market Journal and so are keenly aware of that there are only 22 million bitcoin wallets globally. As author Alex Lielacher points out, that means there are far fewer than that many actual users. We! Are! The 49%! Feb 7, 2019 At BQT.IO, we concede that cryptocurrency, not to mention all distributed ledger technology applied to all use cases everywhere, is predicated on consensus. Of all human endeavors, that might be the one most difficult to attain. SEC to crypto exchanges: “Don’t ever let me [wink] catch you [wink] trading securities again!” Dec 19, 2018 What does Brexit mean to crypto? Dec 19, 2018 Europe is, of course, a broad and diverse market with a patchwork of national sovereignties, each with its own approach to regulating cryptocurrencies and the exchanges on which they trade. Featured Article on BQT.IO on CoinShark — Top 3 Crypto Project Oct 31, 2018 Your friendly, neighborhood crypto exchange? Oct 29, 2018 As noted here a couple weeks ago, some cryptocurrency exchanges fly a flag of convenience, like a cruise ship might imply to be home-ported in Panama or Liberia. Other exchanges, like Yobit, fly no flag at all, like some privateer brigantine freebooting across the Spanish Main. Bulls make money. So do bears. What about 0x? Oct 29, 2018