CBDCs, NFTs and other abstracts that distract Apr 27, 2019 Smart contracts outsmarting themselves? Apr 27, 2019 At BQTX, we’re all about smart contracts. That’s part of the reason why we built our platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts solve a bunch of problems. Hedge Contracts — the problems we’ll solve Apr 27, 2019 At BQTX Exchange, we’re committed to curating an array of at least 37 trading pairs that provide benefits to both counterparties — and preferably benefits that go far beyond speculative values. Evolving to succeed, not just to evolve Apr 7, 2019 Altcoin divergence: It’s not all about bitcoin anymore Apr 7, 2019 Talking shop about swaps Mar 4, 2019 Bulls make money. So do bears. What about 0x? Oct 29, 2018 Growing pairs: Exchanges expand their offerings Oct 18, 2018 Google vs. crypto: And the winner is... Oct 2, 2018 Google declared this past week that it would relax its absolute prohibition on crypto-asset advertising in the U. S. and Japan. Although much of the ban remains in place, Google will now deign to take the money of “regulated cryptocurrency exchanges”. Time to get whitelisted for BQT exchange Sep 23, 2018 No monumental insights this week, but I just thought you should know: We’re moving forward with building the BQT peer-to-peer hedge exchange and it couldn’t be easier to register for the beta.