Hedge Contracts — the problems we’ll solve Apr 27, 2019 At BQTX Exchange, we’re committed to curating an array of at least 37 trading pairs that provide benefits to both counterparties — and preferably benefits that go far beyond speculative values. Evolving to succeed, not just to evolve Apr 7, 2019 Altcoin divergence: It’s not all about bitcoin anymore Apr 7, 2019 What’s a crypto custodian and why traders should use self-custody tools? Apr 7, 2019 Digital coins are an entirely new asset class. So why should we be trading them in the same way as those legacy assets? Does crypto even need exchanges in the way that equities do? We! Are! The 49%! Feb 7, 2019 At BQT.IO, we concede that cryptocurrency, not to mention all distributed ledger technology applied to all use cases everywhere, is predicated on consensus. Of all human endeavors, that might be the one most difficult to attain. Our first listed token is... Jan 8, 2019 As we covered in this space last year, some exchanges are overly aggressive with how they limit what’s traded on their platform, while others offer absolutely any fleabag token if someone, somewhere, might get hoodwinked into buying it. ‘Blockchain Island’ Malta takes the lead in sensible crypto regulation Dec 30, 2018 Featured Article on BQT.IO on CoinShark — Top 3 Crypto Project Oct 31, 2018 ‘When Binance?’ How about, ‘Why Binance?’ Oct 29, 2018 The BQT.IO team is working around the clock, around the globe, to create the best decentralized cryptocurrency exchange you could hope for: with an ideal mix of crypto and fiat pairs, true peer-to-peer capability, easy-to-use tools... Your friendly, neighborhood crypto exchange? Oct 29, 2018 As noted here a couple weeks ago, some cryptocurrency exchanges fly a flag of convenience, like a cruise ship might imply to be home-ported in Panama or Liberia. Other exchanges, like Yobit, fly no flag at all, like some privateer brigantine freebooting across the Spanish Main.