A Time Of Plenty For Cryptocurrency Jul 15, 2019 Cryptocurrency news is all over the place right now. Bitcoin is price shoots up, Facebook is releasing the Libra token, and unsurprisingly, John McAfee wants to build Cuba a native cryptocurrency. However, the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency remains a driving force in the digital asset market. Crypto Class: BQT, Crypto Education, Social Exchange, Hedge Trading Jul 12, 2019 BQT: A P2P Social Exchange with Innovative Hedge Trade Capabilities Jul 11, 2019 The market for cryptos has grown rapidly over the last few years. BQT is an exchange that offers very interesting options for crypto traders. Crypto to crypto hedge trading is a way for a crypto holder to gain access to another crypto, without dealing with fiat currency or a direct trade of cryptos. There Are Now More Ways Than Ever to Invest in Crypto Jul 10, 2019 Bitcoin’s recent price boom has spiked interest in crypto, hailing a new wave of adoption that creates a kind of snowball effect. The current bull run likely stems, at least in part, from the news that big tech firms are increasingly moving towards crypto. New cryptocurrency trends Jul 9, 2019 Cryptocurrency Leaders Unimpressed with Facebook’s Libra Jul 9, 2019 Despite the age advantage of only five years, social media, driven by Facebook, has reached countless more people than cryptocurrency. While both enjoyed a rapid rise to fame, cryptocurrency’s user base cannot hold a candle to Facebook. Libra: The inevitable cryptocurrency? Jun 28, 2019 Top cryptocurrencies, part 6 of 6: EOS Jun 28, 2019 Top cryptocurrencies, part 5 of 6: LTC Jun 28, 2019 Top cryptocurrencies, part 4 of 6: BCH Jun 28, 2019